Fancy Tying the Knot by Candlelight?

From today, weddings and civil ceremonies can take place any time a couple likes, as the old daylight restrictions, whereby couples could only wed between 8am and 6pm, are lifted.

This is part of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and brings Wales and England in line with Scotland which already allows people to tie the knot at any time, day or night. The Act was brought in following a cross-government survey, Your Freedom, which gave the public the chance to suggest which “unnecessary” laws should be repealed.

While traditional daytime weddings are likely to remain the norm, the new Act creates romantic possibilities such as saying your buy xanax generic online vows while the sun sets or getting hitched in a magical candle lit ceremony. However, it will be up to individual local authorities and religious groups to decide whether they want to offer the new extended hours, so do check before you get too carried away!
Register General Sarah Rapson believes the new rules will “allow people to make the day unique to them.”

One thing that these changes won’t allow is a spate of spur of the moment marriages, Vegas-style – at least 15 days advance notice will still be required for a wedding to take place.

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