5 Great Wedding Inspiration Articles this June

Wedding Ring Infographic – Hitched.co.uk

Who knew there were so many things to think about in picking your wedding bands! Fran from Hitched.co.uk’s fab wedding inspiration blog makes it all simple. From the shape of your ring, to the metal, to those finishing touches that will make it unique, this is one of those posts that has it all covered!

Top quote:

If your engagement ring is large, you may need a shaped wedding bands to ensure they sit comfortably together on your finger.

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer – Lifehacker.co.uk

For career planning, lifestyle and advice on how to grate things without grating your fingers too, Lifehacker have the answers. It’s not often you see them giving wedding inspiration, but in this case it makes perfect sense! Picking a photographer is such an important part of your planning, and this how to guide has everything from price ranges to advice on whether you should save money by asking a friend to take the photos instead.

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Enthusiast and pro-spec digital SLRs have plunged in price in the last few years, so there’s a good chance your dad/uncle/mate has a decent camera, and may be able to take an OK shot. They may well offer to take the photos on the day to save you some money, but make sure it’s not a false economy. A powerful camera per se will not produce great shots, it’s more about how well the photographer can use it.

Twine Wrapped Cutlery Tutorial – Bloved Weddings

Bloved Weddings always have such pretty photoshoots, and you know how much I love handmade details! buy xanax online express shipping This twine wrapped cutlery is perfect for adding some rustic charm to your wedding breakfast table. I love the use of colours!

Top Quote:

I totally adore the twine wrapped cutlery on this shoot – such a simple but effective way to add a special touch to your wedding table!

Friday Wedding at Stationers’ Hall for Narissa and Jonathan – Douglas Fry

What a joyful wedding! Douglas’ photos really capture the spirit of Narissa and Jonathan’s day – warm and full of happiness and laughter. I love that the bridal party could spy on everyone arriving from the Club Quarters Hotel!

Top Quote:

Keeping an eye on guests arriving was as easy as it was entertaining.

Pineapple Inspiration – The Wedding Bazaar

Like Helen at The Wedding Bazaar says, pineapples seem to be popping up everywhere all of a sudden! She’s rounded up some of the most stylish ways to incorporate the quirky and fun shape into your day – I really like how she’s tried to pick multi-functional items that you could take home and use long after the wedding is over. Most importantly though, how fab are those shoes?!

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I’m a HUGE fan of multi-function items (cost per use, wear etc). So, for this post a lot of these fab finds could be used to decorate your big day and join you in your abode afterwards. They could even serve well as a gift to your wedding party (I would gladly volunteer my “maid” services in exchange for a crystal pineapple FYI).

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