When’s the Best Time for a Venue Open Day? Thanks for Sharing!

In our last newsletter, we asked you what time of day was most suitable for a venue open day. We wanted to know if you were early birds or night owls and you certainly let us know!

Over 90% of you prefer to visit a venue open day in the evening. You like to leave work and know that nothing urgent will come up while you go out and explore event spaces. You want to have the same relaxed experience as your guests so you know what they can expect!

We had some very helpful messages that really gave us a sense of your needs:

“I spend office hours on site with clients and they expect me to be available to them during those xanax online times, so evenings are the time when I can do research/visit venues which are not for a specific event.”

We also posted the question to our LinkedIn group, and again, nearly everyone who responded preferred afternoon and evening events.

To those of you who took part – thank you so much for sharing your insights! We really appreciate your thoughts and will definitely be making the most of them in the future. If you missed out, sign up to our newsletter to share your thoughts on our latest questions, as well as to hear all the latest news, advice and offers from our fabulous team!

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