Think Versatile! Accessories from Work to Play

After the success of our fantastic partnership event with Stella & Dot, we asked their fabulous stylists Sophie and Laura to share a little pinch of their style savvy with us! Here’s the first of their guest posts, showing how you can go from boardroom to ballroom with the help of some versatile sparkle. Enjoy!

HeadshotI’m thrilled to be guest blogging for the lovely ladies at ITA* – and on my favourite topic too, versatility! As anyone who’s been to one of my Stella & Dot trunk shows will know, you cannot stop me talking about versatility. Why? Because it’s the single best way to maximise your wardrobe. You don’t need to keep a different outfit in the office for those day-to-night scenarios – you simply need the right accessories.

A versatile piece of jewellery will ease you from one season’s fashions into the next without breaking the bank. It will perfectly accessorise the shift dress you wore for a day of client meetings, then transform it for a night out at the theatre. It will work across multiple necklines in your wardrobe, and look just as good with a silk blouse, under a blazer, or against a scoop, v-neck or sweetheart neckline. Breakfast meeting to boardroom presentation to date night: sorted!

Every well-presented professional woman should have at least one statement necklace in her jewellery wardrobe. Of course, a good piece can be an investment, which is precisely why versatility is so important. In fact, I would never consider investing in a statement piece unless I could think of at least 3-4 different ways to wear it.

Here’s a bit of show and tell with one of my favourite pieces from the current Stella & Dot collection, to demonstrate what I’m talking about.

sutton on model

This gorgeous statement is our Stone Sutton necklace in white. She has an equally stunning and more colourful valium no prescription usa green and blue sister, but I’m a big fan of white for a statement piece. It’s an incredibly versatile colour for jewellery – it looks just as good in the winter as it does the summer, helping you transition the seasons beautifully. Plus, white looks great over a pop colour, a classic navy or black outfit, and it can also stand up to a print.


sutton pic 2

Remove the bottom strand for a simpler, but very polished, look.

Save that strand for later because…

sutton pic 3
I love this strand worn on its own as a lovely little accent piece. This look works especially well for those in more conservative industries, where accessories need to do their work in the background, flattering without distracting. It’s also a great piece to keep in your handbag for when you need that emergency bit of sparkle to dress up an outfit. (The best way to store jewels on the go is actually in a re-sealable plastic bag, as it will keep moisture at bay.)

sutton pic 4
For a completely different look, pull one of the metal chains to the back of your neck and wear it long. This style transforms you, ready for the evening, almost instantly and can be worn with or without the triangular strand, depending on how adventurous you feel.

Have fun with your jewels and don’t be afraid to experiment! If you can’t see the potential for versatility in a piece, ask. Any stylist worth their salt will know what you’re after, and she’ll either be able to show you some different looks or direct you to a piece that offers more value for money.

For more of my favourite pieces that offer multiple looks, have a peek at the Sardinia Pendant, Gitane Tassel, Sanibel Pendant, Zoe Lariat and Tempest Necklace.


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