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On Wednesday 16th September we hosted a party at the magical Event Prop Hire in Aldgate. Teaming up with our new friends who have a wealth of knowledge & props for elaborate theming, nothing is ever too much to ask and they love to be challenged with weird and wonderful ideas from enormous gates into a Midsummer dream to giant ghetto blasters for festivals, they really do prove nothing is impossible on a daily basis.

Earlier this year we were invited into their studios to meet the team and walk through the showroom as inspiration for our Christmas and Summer parties. We were so excited and inspired by what we saw; we simply couldn’t keep the secret to ourselves and needed to share the news with all of our favourite event bookers.

Our team provided a warm welcome to guests who had braved the weather, inside the spirit was high as we were catching up with long-term ITA* bookers and getting to know guests who we have only recently met.

Guests were welcomed into an indoor garden where they were served an edible vegetable patch complete with carrot, radish’s and leeks served with edible soil and goats cheese mousse before wandering into the cinema to grab some yellow candyfloss and lemon and liquorish macaroons.

After walking the red carpet, we encouraged guests to make their way through to the “Propmakers Arms” the onsite pub.  Here we served pork scratchings with apple compote and lined the bar with prosecco. Finally on this floor there was a small French brasserie where guests enjoyed a delicious Poulet Breton.

Always wanting to keep people guessing we left the best to last as the themes buy valium uk online underground were over-the-top and fabulous. Stepping straight into Wonderland, giant toadstools and a mad hatters’ tea party set before you. Naturally we thought the only food we could serve in there would be the Queen of Hearts jam tarts along with some hidden sweet pops for guests to find as they journeyed through.

We soon left Wonderland and rolled up to the circus, a great photo opportunity to win our selfie competition. After leaving the circus the guests were in awe of the bright lights of New York City offering smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels. Through to the 1920’s bar for a Gatsby glam theme, our guests picked up a lychee martini or two.

Next we headed to the American diner for tasty lobster hotdogs with saffron aioli. But wait, everybody needs a hero and Event Prop Hire is no different with superhero’s from the classic comic’s standing tall above us! Finally we wanted guests to chill out after much excitement so we welcomed them to the seaside where we served miniature passion fruit ice creams in black waffle cones.

We all had such a brilliant time with our guests and friends Event Prop Hire. Thank you all who braved the storms to make it to our party! If you didn’t make it down and are interested in meeting the Event Prop Hire team and to view their London showroom then please do contact Laura who would be delighted to book you in – [email protected]

What an unforgettable evening!

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