The Tried, Tested, Team Building, World Record Breaking Package

When it comes to team building, we like to do things the ITA* way and make it really special. In fact, you could say our team building are record breaking…

High performing teams exhibit high levels of trust and effective communication to consistently deliver great results. These teams understand their strengths and play to them. In an environment where change is constant and business demands that our teams deliver more with less, working together effectively and efficiently is crucial to survive and meet strategic objectives. This is why effective team building is so important.

We have been building a relationship with the Bluehat Group, who specialise in super-exciting and effective team building activities, to ensure that ITA* is at the top of its game when it comes to helping our event bookers create experiences that truly bond their delegates and give them experiences they won’t forget!

Their Record Breaking package is a unique way of creating anticipation and generating an exhilarating buzz. Everyone’s contribution is encouraged, and the team must work together to achieve the most effective route towards becoming official Guinness World Record title holders.

With help from Bluehat, we recently managed the rather impressive feat of gathering the entire sales and events team together for an extra special gathering – our official world record attempt! The group has plenty of experience in putting together these amazing activities, and since we are leaders in the industry, we felt it was about time that we showed off the amazing potential within our own team.

On the day, we were split into four teams of eight people and challenged to compete against the other teams to qualify for the world record attempt. It was tense, and with a constantly updated leader board, we could all keep an eye on, everyone’s competitive side was pushed to the forefront!

The task at hand was to work together to tie a 5metre clonazepam 2mg price long rope from eight pieces, which was well constructed enough to support 10kilos in weight for ten seconds. Sounds simple enough, but to do this in record breaking time required ultra-tight team work and communication skills.

Of course, there could only be one winning team, and our group of superstars was composed of Mary Anne, Suzy, Claire, William, Kat, Francesca, Sabrina, and Rebecca. In their chic uniforms of high vis vests (ITA* yellow naturally!) our winners prepared themselves for the ultimate challenge and the possibility of becoming Guinness World Record holders!

The atmosphere was electric, the team worked fast and efficiently, but we were sure that it still couldn’t quite be enough to smash a Guinness World Record. How wrong we were – we beat the time! Now everyone is keeping their fingers crossed this is ratified by the Guinness World Records team and we can gain our place in the history books.

Here’s some thoughts from the new record breakers themselves:

“I never thought I would end up being a record breaker but now I am in ITA* anything is possible! The activity really amalgamated the team, as everyone had to work together in harmony to break the record. A fantastic team experience, this package will add immense value to any team building event.” – William Smith, Business Development Executive

“I didn’t expect to enjoythe challenge as much as I did. There was a great sense of camaraderie and achievement and I feel like the people in the team have bonded since the challenge.” – Suzy Khan, Stationers’ Hall Events Executive

Bringing teams together, smashing Guinness world records, that’s what we do!

How many people can say they have had the opportunity to try, let alone break a Guinness World Records title? If you want to create an effective, motivated and energised team, drop William a line!

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