Nicola visits Sassi Holford at her London Boutique

We’re so excited to be doing another Sassi Holford Wedding Dress Couture Collection preview this September 19th, this time at The In & Out! Everyone involved is now getting prepared for the event. In the first of our lead up blog posts we have a video for you. Wedding guru Nicola Stoddart went to visit Sassi in her London Boutique to talk a little bit about the upcoming event.

At the event we will have sumptuous cocktails and food from Ampersand buy clonazepam online Catering, delicious and extravagant cakes from The Abigail Bloom Cake Company, stunning flowers arranged by Purple Tiger Floral Design and music from Niche – The London String Quartet.

We will be featuring blog posts on all this and more in the build up to the event. You can see all of them in the upcoming weeks – including a video of Nicola’s visit to Sassi Holford’s studio in Taunton – in our Sassi Holford 2013 Blog!

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