Talking Wedding Cakes with The Abigail Bloom Cake Company

This year’s wedding cake supplier for the Sassi Holford Wedding Dress Couture Collection Launch will be The Abigail Bloom Cake Company. As part of the event, guests will see a full size wedding cake showcasing some of Abigail Bloom’s best design work and sugar craft and can also sample some of her different cake flavours themselves.

Wedding Guru Nicola Stoddart visited Abigail at her home in WC1, where she develops some of her flavours and designs, to talk about her craft and what she’s planning for our event on September 19th.

Abigail wanted to be a chef from an early age. After being placed in the top ten for Junior Cook of the year two years running, she completed  the Cordon Bleu course at the Central London Cordon Bleu school and then went on to finish a degree in International Hospitality Management. However her passion for the craft really began with watching her grandmother make pastry and bread from a young age. Much as she has had other successful careers, her passion for baking eventually won out, and she went on to dedicate herself to making stunning wedding cakes.

002 - Abigail Bloom Cake Company

The trends for wedding cakes has been changing over recent years. Though some still want and enjoy the traditional fruit cake, this only makes about 10% of her orders these days, and people are choosing a range of types and flavours of cakes – but the advantage of having a tiered cake is you get to have these and yet still please the traditionalists with a little bit of fruit lorazepam online pharmacy cake! Abigail’s fruit cake has a tropical twist to it however, using fruit like apricots and cherry brandy – sounds delicious to us!

Abigail has always achieved wonderfully light and moist cakes, which she teams with traditional silky smooth buttercream. Add this to her careful techniques and high quality ingredients and it’s clear why they taste as good as they do!  The excellent taste paired with exquisite design and sugar craft makes these cakes a cut above the rest.

006 - Abigail Bloom Cake Company

Despite the nostalgic taste of a light sponge, the flavours she uses are still enchanting, exciting and contemporary. Red Velvet has become a very popular choice but growing in favour is the white chocolate cake with raspberry ganache. In fact when Nicola went to meet Abigail, she had just created a new flavour that morning. She was working on a vanilla bean sponge cake, with a white chocolate ganache and a passion fruit curd! This sounds amazing to us so we are hoping it makes its debut at the Sassi event! We will just have to wait and see, but whatever she picks there will be a few different flavours on offer from Abigail’s delightful range.


We can’t wait to see what design she will create… Abigail’s lips are sealed but she did give us one little clue – she’s drawing inspiration from the Sassi Holford wedding dresses themselves.

You can see more pictures of Abigail Bloom’s fantastic designs on her website:


007 - Abigail Bloom Cake Company

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