The Perfect Table

Your guests will probably spend much of their time at the table, especially at a formal wedding breakfast or dinner. Although setting the table is likely to be the last task you put your mind to, it is an incredibly important detail, creating a vital first impression as your guests arrive. Time is always at a premium during wedding preparations but adding a little extra effort to come up with original ideas for name cards, napkins, flowers and other table dressing items is always worth it.

If you can find time for some creativity you can make some witty and unusual pointers to direct guests to their seats. A couple of the best we’ve seen were an assembly of mini deckchairs at Hampton Court buy valium generic Palace and apples as part of a Hansel and Gretel theme. If you are hosting a lavish wedding you might wish to use a labelled favour like the delightful Easter Eggs one of our couples chose for their celebration at The In & Out. If your day is going to be a more laid back affair how about something fun like chocolate name flags? There are plenty of attractive fonts to be found online if you want to print off the names but it’s always a nice touch to write them in by hand. A classic italic script always looks elegant and is a good choice for a formal wedding.

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