A Stunning Centrepiece

A table needs a focal point and floral arrangements have always been the conventional choice. You can never go wrong with flowers and they always add elegance to a table but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying something just a bit different to make your wedding setting unique. Recently we’ve seen antique bird cages, elaborate balloon creations and arrangements of candles. Extravagantly presented food is a striking choice that adds some real wow factor and will give your guests a great talking point. Our chefs are sure to have some great buy clonazepam online india ideas to help you if you wish to go in that direction.

You should always take the style of your menu and the formality of the occasion into consideration when you choose your centre piece – you want yours to be striking but not to stick out like a sore thumb! For round tables, single centrepieces are ideal whereas a long narrow table tends to look good with a series of arrangements along its length.

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