The panoramic rooftop river views are secondary…

Why is it important to us, to have IET London: Savoy Place in our venue collection?

The execution of events has changed vastly over the last 12 months, event planners need to consider audience engagement and participation to enhance event experiences, IET is the perfect platform in which you can do this.

This historic building offers cutting-edge connectivity, energy efficiency and sustainable technology while preserving its unique heritage. The customisable spaces can be scaled up or down to suit any event.

What is our favourite feature?

Technology, technology, technology!

Of-course the NEW roof terrace and panoramic views are spectacular but it is the level and intelligence of the in-built technology that puts this venue in a league of its own.

There is an advanced digital ‘fibre core’ infrastructure embedded throughout the building, this ensures the standard tech offering is superior and, most importantly, well placed to cope with future technology trends and client expectations. Through a 500MB bandwidth, available up to 2GB capacity, the venue is able to support multiple devices concurrently connecting to its Wi-Fi during an event, a common frustration for many event professionals in venues without this support.

IET also has the flexibility and capacity to:

  • Link the two lecture theatres to create a mega lecture theatre with capacity for 626 people; rooms can stream between each other and have Q&A sessions, it is a very sleek set up
  • There are dedicated floor boxes in all meeting rooms and lecture theatres for or external AV companies to connect film cameras direct to the central Tricatser for live streaming and filming
  • 76 IPTV screens around the building allow the venue to stream lectures, video clips and logos to any screen in the building
  • The electronic banner system in the Kelvin Lecture Theatre can hoist client’s fabric banners (great visual branding on entrance to the space)
  • New AV equipment and production lighting fitted in the Kelvin Lecture Theatre, consisting of 10 moving head lights, means the theatre can now offer lighting support for higher-spec events . A hazer adds more effects too
  • 150 inch front projection screen with 16,000 lumin HD projector in the Exhibition Room and Watson Watt, which also features added PIP (Picture in Picture) software in Watson Watt
  • There is an onsite team of eight (!) audio-visual technicians to support each event from start to finish (not many venues can state this and include it in the venue hire rate)
  • Digital Content executive to programme and schedule client branding on IPTV screens around the building
  • Filming and streaming with

Why is the IET perfect for STEM events?

Those of you (or have clients) that are in either science, technology, engineering or mathematics sectors should be very excited! Savoy Place is a global engineering hub, it is an environment which promotes state of the art research and embodies a vision shared by the forward-thinking engineers of today.

The venue is proud of its engineering cheapest klonopin online past, present and future and celebrates this with a series of exhibits throughout. These exhibits, in-particular the ‘100 engineering ideas that changed the world’, create not only a perfect ice breaker and focal point, but also inspiration and a solid foundation for those organising and attending events in these sectors.

Why is it current?

Sean Spencer, Head of venues and facilities comments, the impact of digital production within events – from app gamification, to RFID technology and digital branding is becoming more influential by the day. Venues moving to mobile streaming need a strong IT and network in place. Whether a client is investing in digital or not, delegates are interested in creating their own agenda and having personalised content suitable to them and their business – this is where gamified experiences are evolving. In the simplest form they engage the customer to make the most of their experience and also drive the concept for events to be paperless – a direction many are looking to take.

Accessibility and connectivity is at the heart of everything the IET values. The venue is renowned for its technological and digital production capabilities. With the surge in experimental events, IET can offer you creative solutions from wireless registration armband capability, to full company branding using the ‘digital chandelier’ hung in reception, electronic signage on each floor and LED walls, you can enhance your guests experience from arrival to departure.

The science bit!

There is even science in the food! Leo Rodley, Head Chef comments,  ‘I’m excited by the modern techniques that regularly are being introduced into contemporary cuisine. Now at IET London: Savoy Place we use techniques like liquid nitrogen and cooking sous vide on daily basis to be able to assist us with service delivery. We have also recently introduced a Rotary Evaporator to help us enhance some of our more intimate dinners with smells and vapours that complement the food’.

Venue flythrough

Check it out for yourselves!

Access all areas (you won’t miss a thing)

  • Full wheelchair accessibility
  • Sesame lift front entrance
  • Built in ramps in lecture theatres
  • Accessibility showers
  • Built in and mobile induction loops
  • Designated seating for wheelchairs

Why haven’t we cured cancer yet?

This case study of EngFest is the ideal proof source as to why IET London: Savoy Place is a cutting edge, inspiring location to host remarkable events.

The details & location

For capacities and room descriptions please click here.

  • 5 Minute Walk Temple
  • 5 Minute Walk Embankment
  • 7 Minute Walk Charing Cross
  • 8 Minute Walk Covent Garden
  • 14 Minute Walk Waterloo

If you would like to see the space in person call Benjamin Peters, please note that summer dates in 2018 are already limited due to the rooftops almost instant popularity!

Welcome to the party IET London: Savoy Place!


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