The Future of the Wedding Cake

We have seen quite literally hundreds of cakes eaten across all our venues, every cake has been different and personal to the couple. One thing that is certain is that everyone loves cake! We met with Rosalind at Rosalind Miller Cakes who are a favourite cake creator of ours!

Why is cake tradition?

The wedding cake is carefully selected by the couple for their wedding day and most often represents their personality and taste (therefore very important!). The cutting of the cake is traditionally the first act that the couple do together as a married couple. Tiered wedding cakes were originally inspired by the shape of the unusual spire of St Bride’s Church in the City of London.

Why is cake current?

Because the trends come and go, the cake is consistently being reinvented. Naked and semi naked cakes have faded as quickly as they came in. Organic style, loose sugar flower arrangements on cakes are very popular, as are textured icing finishes. The traditional rich fruit cake is completely out of fashion, we are rarely asked to make them, delicate gourmet sponge flavours are incredibly popular as are different flavours per tier. The cake is much more of a centre piece today, couples want their cake to make a statement and get guests talking about it!


Floral accents are so on trend and hand painted floral masterpieces we love (especially when matched with the dress!).

The future…

We see the cake as becoming almost like a piece of artwork and all about the couples. Something that represents them, their story together and their love for each other. The cake will continue to evolve and we doubt we’ll see a particular tradition like the fruit cake stay for any length of time. The cake will have no boundaries with regards to size, buy valium online no prescription in australia shape or design. Although people do follow trends, we often get asked for completely bespoke designs. The advantage of offering bespoke cakes is that every cake is different and unique; and that it doesn’t need to follow a trend to be noticed and recognised.

The finishing touch on top of the cake is often a sugar flower bouquet or one large statement sugar flower which adds height and a finishing touch to their wedding cake. With the advent of edible chocolate and sugar 3D printing, we’ll likely to see more intricate designs.

Rosalind and her team have seen more and more cakes with animated lights projections; this requires the cake maker to work in partnership with lighting/video designers. It can be very special if there is a nice story behind how the couple met, matched with sound, it can be very moving.

More and more people have special dietary requirements, which means that we are constantly trying out new recipes to cater for this.

Our own Venue Executive Chef, Karen Poynter agrees the wedding cake is symbolic to a wedding and is here to stay, it is exciting to see couples’ ideas come to life through food and cake! The fact that every cake will become unique to the couple is exciting and with technology now even playing a part with the cake cutting, amazing memories will be made, and that’s just delicious!

Climbing Wildflower Marsala

Black & Silver marbled


Gold, ivory piped anemones

Blue, gold marbled, gold leaf

Orchids anemones with gold

Orchards, pearls & drapes

Photography – Rosalind Miller Cakes & Mowie Kay.

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