First 10 things to do when newly engaged

1) Celebrate, just the two of you

We think it’s important for you and your partner to have a celebration of your own. Enjoy this intimate moment yourselves and perhaps celebrate with a toast or private occasion. Some couples take a few days to absorb, reflect and relish this special time before any big announcements. Couples we worked with planning their day say this time felt precious and private, they cherished being the only two who knew before the whirlwind of wedding planning kicked in.

2) How will you tell your nearest and dearest?

It’s then time to share this joyous news with your nearest and dearest. In person of course makes the moment heart-warming, but hearing friends and family screaming with excitement at the other end of the telephone can be just as fun. Agree with your partner how, (if at all) you announce on social media, you don’t want to offend anyone unintentionally.

3) Engagement ring insurance

Your partner may have already taken out wedding insurance when purchasing the ring but, if not, then it’s worth looking in to separate jewellery insurance. This covers accidental damage like losing a stone; or speak to your insurance provider about adding the ring to your home contents policy. Take photographs from various angles of the ring and keep valuation documents safe, to make any claims straight forward.

If the ring does not fit perfectly don’t be afraid to say, get it adjusted, it needs to be as comfortable as possible to avoid loss, or unnecessary damage.

4) Consider your date wisely

An important decision to get right. To avoid any family politics, you may want to check your personal diary for milestone birthdays, upcoming weddings of family or friends, expected birth dates, or significant anniversaries. Equally you may choose a date that is of significance to you intentionally; we have a couple who have chosen Mothering Sunday to marry, as both mothers of the couple have overcome recent adversity with triumph.

  • Local significant days

It is worth noting things that are being planned in your local area, or the area you’re planning on getting married in. Does the town have an annual festival or carnival that might be worth avoiding? Contact the local council, they should be able to notify you of any events scheduled that may cause disruption to your wedding plans.

  • Key national/Royal or sporting event days

You may want to avoid these key dates if possible or certainly be aware of them should your date clash. Some couples choose to embrace them by providing live screening or theming their day accordingly; but most Brides (and some Grooms), don’t want to share their day with ‘football coming home’, or not as the case maybe.

  • Friday 13th Days & Public holidays

If you’re superstitious, you may wish to avoid any Friday 13th dates. There is no evidence that getting married on Friday 13th is unlucky, but if you are superstitious perhaps something to remember when venue finding.

August bank holiday is typically one of the most popular dates to get married and some venue costs may reflect this, these dates often book quickly so you will need to start your venue search in good time if you want a public holiday date.

5) Get organised

Whether it’s excel spreadsheets, a wedding planning notebook or an online planner; you need to choose your most suited tool to get organised. It will pay dividend in the long run, we promise. In order to enjoy the planning process our couples confirmed organisation was the foundation a happy Bride and/or Groom.

The variety of online planning tools today for weddings can be overwhelming, don’t over research, use what works best for you whether you need a budget planner, a digital to do – tick list or seating planner.

ITA Weddings is fortunate to have a dedicated wedding specialist, here to exclusively support and guide all our couples throughout their wedding journey should they choose one of our iconic venues. We will listen, advise, inspire and deliver a seamless day, we are passionate and committed to exceeding expectation. We therefore remove the worry and stress so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

6) Set up a wedding account and email address

Setting up a specific wedding bank account ensures you can track savings and spending more efficiently. This account could also be used for honeymoon savings or gifted money.

A newly created wedding specific email address is advised, this means that your day to day account does not become bombarded with wedding information. A Google account also enables you to save shared online documents/spreadsheets/planners, so both partners always have access to the most recent document (this may not be desirable for all couples!)

7) Talk budgets

Really, you must.

Although you’re still in the early stages of your engagement, it’s worth thinking about what you can afford and want to spend on your wedding. By deciding on a wedding budget, you can then plan how much you need to save and time frames. Approach family members who you anticipate may want to contribute so again you can plan-ahead and be more specific, don’t make any assumptions, talk it through.

Your budget will dictate how many guests you can invite, draft a rough guest list to enable you to start venue finding. There are so many venues to choose from size can be a good filter to narrow your selection.

8) Choose your tribe wisely

Most women have their chosen bridesmaids planned out already, so once its official, you can ask the lucky ladies. There are now many thoughtful and fun ways of asking, matched with many bespoke gift ideas.

Remember that the Groomsmen, Best Man, Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor all have important roles throughout your planning journey; speeches, hen/stag dos, outfit shopping, organisation on the day and overall support are all key elements. Be confident your chosen tribe can uphold their duties, whilst having fun along the way.

9) Be inspired, check out wedding trends for 2019

Below is a selection of experts we hand pick to work with, so you can trust that all elements of your day are seamless and exactly how you want them. Here are some of the trends they see happening this year:

10) Start venue finding

The venue is likely to be a significant percentage spend of your overall budget, it is a key decision that will take time getting right. Our wedding specialist is dedicated to couples’ venue finding. We will listen to what’s most important about a venue to you; whether its location, style, size, the date (therefore availability), or your budget. She will work tirelessly finding you the perfect venue for your wedding.

We will take you on a venue tour so you can get a feel for the type of venue you might be seeking; whether it is quirky and unusual, such as ZSL London Zoo, stately grandeur at Clothworkers’ Hall, historic richness at Stationers’ Hall, contemporary beauty at Haberdashers’ Hall or the breathtaking waterside Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College. There is an array of choice, enjoy seeing these iconic settings whilst making your short list.

We suggest the following points to consider when shortlisting your venues:

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Availability (if you are particular about dates)
  • Size
  • Style of venue
  • Outside space

We can then advise and support you with regards to catering and all suppliers, to ensure all aspects of your wedding are looked after. We have perfected a balance of passion, professionalism, creativity and impeccable service. It is our attention to detail and consistency throughout a couples’ journey with us, that has led to a reputation we are very proud of.

To contact ITA Weddings please call 020 7871 0577 or email [email protected]. We can offers ideas, inspiration and releases key wedding open days @itaweddings

Congratulations on your engagement, enjoy your wedding planning journey, stay calm and good luck! 


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