10 reasons to ditch the ‘typical’ conference room in 2019

  1. Hosting a conference or meeting in a space that is unusual will create a buzz and enhance engagement across social media platforms. People will talk about an event if they have access to a venue that is by invite only and that is not open to the public.
  2. Events that have an unusual or well-known address like ZSL London Zoo are likely increase attendance levels and therefore achieve event objectives more successfully.
  3. Matching the theme, story or message of your event with the venue can enhance the content, design and even menu of your event. For example; a fashion company choosing Haberdashers’ Hall which is linked historically to needlework creates greater depth and story-telling capabilities.
  4. A unique venue reflects your companies’ creativity, identity, thoughtfulness; all important factors should you be organising a product launch, charity fund raiser or team building event.
  5. Memorability: who would forget an event at Goldsmiths’ Hall? Your event message can be delivered on a stage with impact. Photography and video content will be shared on a wider platform if of high quality and with show stopping backdrops.
  6. Hosting a conference in a historic venue can create a strong Corporate Social Responsibility message; for example, the Livery Companies who own our Livery Hall venues make considerable donations to schools and associated charities each year.
  7. Exclusivity: you can often hire unusual venues exclusively, this gives you complete control of the space on the day, increased flexibility with regards to branding, signage and additional event add-ons including entertainment. Exclusive hire can really add value for team building events especially where delegates are utilising all areas of the venue.
  8. With exclusivity comes dedication. Your event manager and chef will be entirely focused on your event and your menu, the probability of a seamless operation is far greater than if in a hotel or conference centre, where multiple events are happening at the same time.
  9. If you are seeking sponsorship for your event, hosting it at an iconic, well-known location such as Kew Gardens is likely to increase the probability of securing a strong sponsorship agreement.
  10. Unusual venues are often able to agree to more flexible terms such as access times, storage facilities or more enhanced theming. 113 Chancery Lance for example can offer access 24/7 if required.

Not all events are created equal. We have access to the most exclusive venues in the Capital, let us find you the right venue for your next conference or meeting and raise your events game. Talk to us for venue inspiration on 020 7871 0577 or email [email protected]


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