The Wine Planner (yes your very own)

Keep it simple, keep it about you, choosing your wines for your wedding is surely the best job on the wedding list. So here are our best tips on doing just that….

  1. Try before you buy.
  2. Pair the wine with the menu, wine really does enhance a dish.
  3. Make sure the temperature when serving is right.
  4. Use the one bottle per person rule of thumb.

Try before you buy, a wine can say a lot about a couple, our partners at Corney & Barrow have been guiding couples find their perfect wine match for 200 years. They offer a free tasting with a wine expert or a mixed case to enjoy at home and redeem the value against any purchase.

We love their new free online ‘wedding hub’ which showcases bottles from £8 – £80, your very own wine planner right there! The best bits about the hub we think are the food pairing suggestions and the drinks calculator (sounds technical – it’s really not, check it out).

Simple food pairing

  • Seafood – Fish and seafood can provide both amazing food and wine combinations and dramatically disastrous clashes. A mineral white Burgundy is a safe bet.
  • White Meat – Chicken, turkey, veal and pork match well with a richly-textured white or a light red like an approachable Pinot Noir or Barbera.
  • Red Meat – Beef tends to warrant full-bodied dry reds and traditional lamb cries out for claret.

Get the temperature right!

  • Sparkling wine and Champagne should be served between 5-10c.
  • White wine should be served between 10-12c.
  • Red wine should be served between 12-18c.

How much?

A good idea is to use the one bottle per person rule of thumb but we have been a bit more specific below (and remember you know your guests better than anyone so keep them in mind).

  • Aperitif (reception): Allow two and a half glasses per guest of the aperitif wine, as people tend to be thirstier at the beginning of the party. If you are having photographs taken, it may well be wise to allow for more, as this process can often take longer than anticipated.
  • The meal: Allow three and a half glasses of wine per guest during these two hours.
  • The toast: Allow one measure per guest. One 75cl bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine should provide eight measures for a toast.

Saving your pennies shouldn’t mean skimping on quantity – or quality! Many of us may have been put off by House Wine in the past, but that’s due for a change. Own Label wines are recommended, trusted, and chosen by the experts, allowing you to reduce costs but not compromise on taste.  

The wedding list!

A genius new idea we think. Corney & Barrow now offer an alternative wedding gift list for wine-loving newly-weds. Many wines will age beautifully with time and can be bought out to celebrate future anniversaries and other great life events.

And don’t forget all the venue managers at your chosen ITA* venue are also wine experts so you really can’t go wrong.

Wishing you a happy ever after…hiccup!

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