Wedding Photography Trends for 2013

Your wedding day is bound to fill you with countless incredible memories. But if things begin to get hazy (or if you had your fair share and more during the cocktail hour or champers reception), then there’s nothing better than fantastic wedding photos to jog your memory and bring the magic of the day flooding back.

We spoke to our go-to photographer, the fabulous Douglas Fry, to find out what’s hot in wedding photos this year. Much like the flower world, when it comes to weddings, the photography bizz is currently abuzz with one word – vintage!

If you are embracing the retro trend then it’s easy to bring your photos in on the theme; there’s plenty you can do beyond just hitting the black & white or sepia setting on the camera…Douglas suggests adding some intrigue and fun to your photos, as well as firmly entrenching them in the vintage trend, with antique props. There are great accessories which can be hired for a small fee that will add a charming vintage look. As well as adding interest to your pictures, a good selection of props can be used to decorate your venue, keeping your vintage theme running throughout

The two big eras to channel for an on-trend 2013 wedding are the 1920s or the 1950s, and it’s easy to find props to help you evoke either in photos to cherish.For a fifties can i buy klonopin online themed wedding, there’s nothing like showing up in a genuine 1950s car, and your transport can double up as the most amazing prop for your photos. Add a pile of vintage suitcases on the roof and capture some perfectly themed and super cute moments. Similarly, if it’s twenties style you are after, an antique car from the era will look fantastic in your wedding shots and make you feel like one of the Grantham girls from Downton Abbey as you roll up to your venue in it!

And if it’s the 1920s you are channelling, gramophones and candlestick telephones are very evocative and add charm and quirky class to your pictures.A thrifty option for the fifties look is the hula hoop and frisbee; watching your bridesmaids try to keep it up in their frocks is bound to raise some natural smiles and the groomsmen are bound to look ultra cute caught in the middle of an impromptu frisbee match! Adding these old fashioned games is also a fun way to liven up any quiet periods during the day and keep the kiddies happy. Or keep it super simple and just grab some popcorn tubs and throw on a pair of 3D glasses – easy peasy!

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