Wedding Menu Tasting Videos with Jodie Martin and Katrina Otter

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There’s a lot to love about my amazing job, but one of my favourite parts has to be attending wedding menu tastings. The chefs at Ampersand and Chester Boyd are masters of their craft, and you know that no matter what they put in front of you, it’s going to be delicious!

I recently attended a special tasting at the Law Society, showcasing some of the dishes that will on offer for couples who book a [link]Winter Wedding with ITA*, alongside wedding planner Katrina Otter.

We began, of course, with starters. Both Katrina and I were taken aback by just how pretty these two colourful dishes were, and we were very impressed to find out that they tasted every bit as good as they looked. If you have a strong colour scheme or theme for your wedding, you can really impress your guests and keep the day beautifully seamless by choosing gorgeous order diazepam online uk dishes that complement your colour palette (as well as your palate!)

The two main courses we tried, one beef and one a twist on the traditional coq au vin, were both equally beautiful but such different dishes. Each could play a part in creating your own mood for your winter wedding – the beef would work perfectly for a warm winter wedding with mulled wine that plays on the moodiness and deep colours of the season, while the elegant chicken dish is a great choice for a more relaxed affair.

Desserts at Ampersand and Chester Boyd are always show-stopping, and the two we tried were no exception! One of my favourite things about our caterers are how they’re always happy to amend their dishes slightly, or even create something completely new, to ensure that our couples are always very happy couples!

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