We played, we ate, we drank, we talked VENUES – Miniopoly 2017!

Once again we’ve brought our little black book to life and rolled out the yellow carpet at the stunning East Wintergarden. We are so excited to bring you Miniopoly 2017’s key highlights, winning moments in the game, and the fun filled day that created lasting memories that cannot stop us from smiling!

With the air crisp and sun beaming in through East Wintergarden’s crystalline structure. Guests took their place on the board and got their ‘game faces’ on. With the ITA treasure chest in sight; event bookers were on a mission and were relentless in their efforts to win that headline prize – a private helicopter flight across London to see our venues from the sky! With other prizes flying out the door (pun intended) including afternoon teas & dinners at Kensington Palace, The Ritz, and Perkin Reveller  – oh and a trip to Paris for two.

1. Highlights

40 venues exhibited under one roof in one day ?
500+ event buying clonazepam online bookers walked down the yellow carpet and all left smiling ?
142 event bookers were released from jail, eventually ?
1 event booker jumped with delight every hour, on the hour, after winning super prizes playing our human Miniopoly game ?
156 interactions and winners from the tweet for a treat or gram for a goodie socialvend machine ?
97,971 impressions made across social media with our event hashtags #Miniopoly2017 & #MissITA ?
(and ahem did we mention we trended twice on twitter during the event 😊)
1,801 Miss ITA* cocktails were sipped, almost calorie free, (obviously) ?

Unlimited and priceless networking, laughs, and memories were made from another unique venue showcase.

2. Winning Moments

SO picture this…
A giant yellow Miniopoly board, 10 metres by 10 metres to be exact, a live jail, five giant iconic Monopoly pieces, and a real life Mr Moneybags taking the show by storm. Where you ask would one host such an event?! Of course only one of Londons iconic venues East Wintergarden – a breath-taking glass structure in the heart of Canary Wharf featuring a 27-metre high arched roof, a vast coloured Italian marble floor and a suspended gallery which hosted an unrivalled view over the mecca. Guests were charmed and relaxed with the welcoming atmosphere – it was the perfect centre stage.

3. Food Glorious Food!

Ampersand Events turned up the heat in the kitchen for the day (as standard), they aimed for X rated food porn and I think it’s fair to say they delivered. They played with our taste buds from 8am until the last event booker was standing, just like FAM events used to be!! From breakfast canapes to building your own pancakes to ITA’s signature smoothie breakfast  – it was indeed a feast.

Our Indian catering partners ‘Dawat’ then took the baton for part of lunch wowing us with authentic live Indian cuisine, the lamb was spectacular we were told! Monopoly money shortbread biscuits and brownies were served with ‘afternoon tea’ followed by an army of evening canapes that were oh so ‘British’ pie and mash, fish and chips, ‘proper’ hamburgers were all on the menu; the sweet tooth was then satisfied with gin and tonic popcorn and Mojito cupcakes (there seems to be a theme here?!) In summary it was a ‘cheat day’ for all and totally worth it.

4. A message from us

We genuinely believe we have a product and service that is unrivalled in the events industry, we know we deliver exceptional events in exceptional venues, we work with both agents and corporate clients, the food and wine is of desirable quality whichever venue you choose. We can support and guide event bookers through the process or lead with the event, whichever suits. We love what we do so do it well, and that’s it 😊

So we hope you liked our approach at bringing our venues to life for you, in a bit of an out of the box kind of approach, we aimed to deliver something that was inspiring and relevant rather than just ‘another venue showcase’, any feedback would be gratefully received.

If you want to chat over event ideas and venues for your next event get in touch or give us a call on 020 7871 0577, we can help you as little or as much as you need. Keep up to date with our with future events, trends and news worthy news here 😊 (And no we won’t bombard you, that’s not how we work).

A huge thanks to our partners and venues that took part – we couldn’t of done it without you! And an extra special mention to the Rum & Sugar bar team for helping event bookers get a little bit tipsy on a wicked Wednesday and Mighty Fine Entertainment for the tunes and of course their five foot tall light up letters, an accessory at every exhibition we reckon!

Thanks for joining us, we hope you’ve found your next venue…

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