The In & Out, adorned with a Purple Tiger Floral Design!

We met Tara at The In & Out, to show her around the venue and get her thoughts on how Purple Tiger Floral Design will be decorating the space for our Sassi Holford Couture Collection this September.

You might remember Purple Tiger from last year’s event, who did a stunning flower arch, amongst other decorations, at Haberdashers’ Hall. Guests were wowed by the arch, impressive for its structural and technical design as much as its beauty. However, the floristry fit the feel and style of Haberdashers’ Hall, which is very different to The In & Out, so obviously we’ll be seeing a different kind of arrangement this year.

It was great to hear Tara thinking aloud as she walked through the venue. One of our most popular wedding venues, everyone is always delighted to ascend the impressive stair case to access the Coffee Room, where the ‘catwalk’ part of the event will take place, and as the bannister will be adorned with flowers it’ll be the first moment that guests can admire Purple Tiger’s work.

Tara was impressed by the grandeur of the Coffee Room, and with its magnificent paintings and vibrant pink wallpaper, was considering picking flowers (to decorate candelabras) that complement these colours. Because of the venue’s more traditional design and appearance she will be making more traditional floral wedding centrepieces. However since the tables will also have cake stands for afternoon tea, Tara talked of decorating these cake stands as well: Decorating cake stands is quite a contemporary trend, although somewhat ironically evokes a vintage feel – it’ll be good to see a juxtaposition of this traditional beauty against a more modern styling.

The Coffee Room at the In & Out

The Coffee Room at the In & Out

We hadn’t quite considered just how much work buy valium australia goes into the kind of floral arrangement that Purple Tiger Floral Design put in. Timing can be everything. If a wedding is on a Saturday, and the weather during the week is bad, this has to be pre-empted so that the flowers can bloom. Many brides want a strong scent, and while not all flowers have strong scents, thus herbs like rosemary are often used as decorational foliage.

Going back to choosing flower colour, Tara tells us that most brides’ priority is the colour over the kind of flowers used (although a few do have nostalgic reasons for wanting a particular bloom). Generally all but a few colours are then available in a variety of species. Purple Tiger Floral Design selects their flowers from New Covent Garden Market. There are many traders there, but Purple Tiger stick are loyal to one; once you have a relationship with a supplier you know you can rely on them when you need to. They generally go for flowers that are in season. While you can usually find a flower out of season, in season blooms are bigger and bolder and that much more impressive.


As such Purple Tiger is thinking of using hydrangeas or roses, which are in season. Roses are definitely associated with romance and thus weddings, but hydrangeas are popular the world over for their large flowerheads – though especially popular in Asia. As Tara was talking about using the pink variety to match the In & Out, we were delighted to find that the generally accepted meaning if you give someone pink hydrangeas is, quite romantically: “You are the beat of my heart”. How apt!

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