The award-winning Little Black Book of venues – the only one you’ll ever need!

Our Little Black Book comprises an ever-expanding who’s who of iconic, diverse, historic and modern event spaces in the UK. The venues within have been hand-picked, carefully gathered and curated with a combination of experience and intuition.

Where it all began….

The first edition of our Little Black Book was established in 1999. The concept came about as we identified patterns and trends amongst our event bookers needing a more complete venue and event solution found in one place. Bookers wanted to find a perfect venue match quickly and efficiently. The Little Black Book collates the very best venues in London and the UK, summarising all the key information a booker would need in a digestible format. The size of the book is important to our event bookers so it’s important to us. Being pocket size it fits into a handbag perfectly, takes up little room on a desk top and sits in a suit pocket nice and snug! The pull out map evolved over time and now includes a focus on London, the Square Mile and the UK.

As a team we refuse to stand still we adapt and evolve as we see fit. We are incredibly proud of the way that we work. Our approach is tailored to each and every event booker leading to a steady stream of both repeat and completely new business.

Relationships you can truly count on…

The phrase “It’s who you know” is anything but an empty saying. Our team is solely composed of event specialists and professional operators with years of experience under their belts. Over the years, we have gotten to know the right people in all the right places, meaning that we can guarantee exceptional event experiences every time. We have specific team members we call ‘gurus’ that are specialist in Christmas, summer and wedding events. We also have a dedicated guru for all our virgin bookers, we understand that valium no prescription needed these events need a tailored approach and if you have never booked an event before we will support you every step of the way.  We are the ultimate venue match makers!

Rapport building and nurturing our relationships with event bookers is instrumental in finding the perfect venue match. We are completely transparent, offer a completely free venue finding service and can be as involved as much (or as little) with planning your event as you wish.


We don’t often shout about winning but on this occasion we would like to make an exception please!

Our Little Black Book won gold at the Meetings Industry Marketing Awards (MIMA) awards on Friday 9th October 2015 for ‘Best Brochure’!  We are super proud and totally delighted at the recognition all our hard work has been given. We must say a special thank you to Lorraine Richer from Richer Design who works in partnership with us on all elements of design (and so much more!) The competition was exceptional and we were up against many larger organisations and well known businesses; credit must go to Butlin’s Conference & Events awarded silver and Liverpool City Venue Directory awarded bronze.

This is our sixth edition of the book which establishes our brand proposition ‘We’ve Got London Covered’, so if you are booking an event in the capital call ITA*. This edition’s creative design concept drew inspiration from the board game Monopoly, with each ‘square’ of a Monopoly board representing one of the venues in our portfolio (43 in total folks)! The brochure launch featured a ‘human monopoly board’ as event bookers became human playing pieces on a giant board. 5000 copies of the Little Black Book are produced every year, and we are told by our event bookers it is invaluable!

Request your very own Little Black Book of venues here! #gameon

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