Our Sassi Holford Highlights

There’s always a buzz in the ITA* office, and never more so than in the run up to our annual Sassi Holford event! For the last two years we’ve been thrilled to host the launch of Sassi’s couture collection for the following year, and we can’t wait to do it all again. We’re hosting this year’s showcase on Thursday September 25th at the Law Society, where brides to be can take an exclusive look at Sassi’s couture gowns in one of London’s finest venues.

There are so many great memories from both events it’s hard to pick out only a few highlights.  Do we pick the “Sassified” Martini cocktail perhaps, from 2012 – a delightful passion fruit take on a classic?  Or perhaps the gorgeous flower archway can you buy klonopin online that guests entered the livery hall through?

From 2013, one of our favourite elements was the menu concept, themed around “a bride’s day” featuring canapés like edible lipstick, or  toothbrushes with (savoury!) paste.

From all the dresses at both events, our definite favourite was 2013’s ’50s inspired floral wedding dress, simply beautiful and a surprise twist from the usual bridal white gowns – which makes us wonder what Sassi will surprise us with this year!

We love planning our VIP events, and this year we’re feeling nostalgic! So what better way to indulge by sharing just a few of our highlights from the last two years of the our partnership with Sassi?

2012 Couture Collection, Haberdashers’ Hall

2013 Couture Collection, The In & Out

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