mclcreate presents: 4 Ideas for High-tech Team Building

Our audio-visual partners mclcreate have been keeping their eyes open for interesting and engaging uses of technology for team building events and motivation. Here are four of their choices, which should help to inspire you on your quest for better team activities.

Team building, motivation, away days, group activities. Whatever you want to call it, every organisation needs some form of bonding if employees are to work effectively together as a team. In recent years, the march of technology has added exciting new options for engaging the workforce.


Putting a digital spin on the time-honoured pursuit of treasure hunting, geocaching involves hiding objects, clues and prizes for other team members to find using mobile GPS technology. In theory objects can be hidden anywhere across the world. In practice, for a company team building the grounds of a stately home or a national park provide the perfect arena for a high-tech game of hide-and-seek.


Web Conferencing

Increasingly reliable video and communication technology means that teams working across great distances can regularly check-in with each other and get ‘facetime’. You can use tools like Skype to connect over the Internet and reduce telephone costs while getting a more engaging experience. One international team was even able to record a song together, using YouTube to build a virtual choir.

Then there are applications like inview, our new webcast platform, which allows events and meetings to be broadcast live and viewed by anyone with the weblink, ativan buy online meaning there’s no need for anyone to miss out on the action.

Virtual Reality

Team building days offer a way to escape the formal work mindset and get the creative juices flowing. So what better than donning a virtual headset and really stepping out of the regular headspace? Virtual reality games and simulators can recreate anything from golf to snowboarding to surfing, and the novelty of the experience will have your team talking about it long after heading back to the office.

Stop-frame Animation

This is an amazing experience that allows groups of people to work together and create a unique sequence of digital animation. Allowing for both the creative and the technical members of any team to flourish, the process involves designing a story board, then using the mobile animation studio to bring their individual frames to life in a short animated clip. This can work as a new way to bring presentations to life, or simply as a fun group activity.

Getting the team out from behind their desks and into a new environment helps to invigorate and refresh, but it also strengthens rapport, boosts creativity and develops problem-solving skills. And as it becomes more and more crucial to be tech-savvy in the workplace, adding the element of digital technology turns team building into lifelong training.

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