Keeping the Peace – Bridesmaid Accessories to Keep them Happy and Looking Fabulous!

We’ve all loved working with Sophie and Laura from Stella & Dot UK, their style know-how is second to none! After getting some great advice from Sophie on how to keep your accessories versatile, it’s over to Laura to think bridal. Just how do you keep your bridesmaids happy with their accessories?

When I got married, it wasn’t my dress or what tie my husband to be would wear on the day that kept me awake…no it was making sure my 4 bridesmaids were happy with their outfits. It was very important to me that they were comfortable in their outfits and had a good time. That being said, it is still very hard to keep everyone happy and stick to your wedding vision!

I’ve also been a bridesmaid and know how restrictive it can feel when the Bride dictates that you all wear the same dress, have the same hairstyle and the same accessories.

Luckily, a lot of Brides are now a lot more conscious of keeping their Bridesmaids happy and search for a look that complements the personalities of each bridesmaid. This can be achieved with accessories and a simple colour palette.

It goes without saying that I love jewellery – and the sparklier the better but not everyone feels that way! Stella & Dot create a range of beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets to make every bridesmaid look and feel special.

If you are wanting uniformity in the jewels of your bridesmaids, then you can’t go wrong with simple buy valium in australia earrings (especially if your Bridesmaid dresses have different necklines as that can cause a headache!) such as the Deco Drop and if you need clip ons*, then these also available as a stud clip. Another favourite of mine are the Maddie Pearls or the Dorothy studs. Match them up with a gorgeous bracelet such as the Radiance Coil or the Daphne Pearl and they are ready for your big day.

You may want your Bridesmaids to wear matching jewellery but in different tones. If that is the case, then the Somervell necklace is perfect as you can select a rose, gold or silver necklace with matching Amelie bracelet and tie it all up with the Nancy studs. Your bridesmaids will also have great neutral jewellery that goes with every outfit they already own in their wardrobes and can therefore wear it again and again.

If none of this appeals to you, I would offer a selection of delicate necklaces and let your bridesmaids choose for themselves. My favourites are the Together Forever and the Love necklace as they both have mixed metals.   They will then have a reminder of your wedding and the their role in your special day.

There are lots more amazing pieces on the Stella & Dot website, plus a wedding boutique. Have a look!

Laura x

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