ITA Weddings talks to Sassi Holford about her ‘Enchanted’ 2019 Collection Launch

Olivia Parrott, consultant for Weddings and Private Events at ITA talks one to one with couture wedding dress designer Sassi Holford, about her forthcoming ‘Enchanted’ 2019 dress launch at the prestigious venue Stationers’ Hall.

1.We have a long-standing partnership with you Sassi, can you tell me why this year you chose Stationers’ Hall to launch this collection?

We chose Stationers Hall for this event because it is rich in British history. The dark wood and ornate features create a beautiful backdrop for the ‘Enchanted Collection’ with its simple elegance and modern edge.

2. Why is this collection so special to you?

Every collection is so special to me, it’s like with my children, I love them all equally, but they have different qualities that I appreciate. This collection focuses on light and texture and it has been fun to use different fabrics and experiment with new styles.

3. Why is this launch event different to others you have done?

Each launch is unique and this is represented in the chosen venue. Stationers Hall is a magical event space, not only with the traditional British interior but with the addition of the beautiful courtyard and hidden church. The outdoor space is just as stunning and has offered us a variety of options.

4. What are you most enthusiastic about regarding the launch event at Stationers’ Hall?

I am excited to see the collection on the runway again, this is the moment where you really get to appreciate the uniqueness of each dress and see their beauty in motion. It is great for brides to be to see the collection showcased in this way rather than just in the store. I am excited to working in collaboration with so many great industry experts, some that we have worked with a lot before, and some that we are working with for the first time and hope to build a great relationship with.

5. The menu is entirely vegan, does this excite you?

I think it’s great that the menu for the evening is vegan. As a company we are very environmentally conscious, and this aligns well with our ethos.

6. Why do you recommend ITA as a wedding venue collection and service to Sassi brides?

We recommend ITA because of the list of impressive venues they have on offer to clients. We know that ITA provide the level of service that a Sassi Holford brides expects.

7. What wedding trends can you see emerging for 2019?

As there have been two royal weddings this year I think we will see a lot of trends emerging from both Princess Eugenie and Meghan Markle’s wedding dresses. Since Meghan and Harry married in May we have seen dresses becoming a lot sleeker and the lace trend falling away slightly. There has also been a higher demand for cathedral length veils which I think will continue into 2019. The beautiful portrait neckline of Princess Eugenie’s dress along with the low V-back is undoubtedly going to be a popular style next year.

8. Sassi what is your best piece of advice for Brides when searching for their dream dress?

The best piece of advice I could offer a bride to be when searching for their wedding dress is to go in with an open mind. So many clients are surprised by the style they end up choosing and how different it is to what they always thought they would go for. I would always say go with an open mind and take the bridal stores recommendations with what to try, they know the dresses so well and what styles will be flattering.

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