Event Professionals Speed Networking – Hot or Not?!

This is the question that I posed on LinkedIn after attending a couple of speed networking events in the City. This style of networking seems to be on the rise, so I wanted to gauge how other event professionals have taken to it, if at all.

To give you an overview, speed networking is aimed at bringing likeminded professionals together to discuss business requirements through a series of timed, sometimes pre-allocated, appointments. These appointments can vary from 10-20 minutes each, with the seller staying put and the buyers moving around from one table to the next (perfect for those of us wearing heels!)

I think the format is great for both the seller and the buyer, as you both have the same end goal – to get something booked. The events which offer pre-allocated appointments are a great idea for niche markets, as you won’t end up wasting time with a buyer who isn’t interested in your product or service.

So we’ve established the format of these events is a winner… but what about the quality of the leads received on the day, and the ROI following the event?

Feedback from buy valium prescription free other event professionals in my network was very positive, with the majority of sellers receiving more quality leads from a speed networking event than from a general drinks reception or open morning/afternoon. Personally, I prefer meeting with buyers who have requested to speak with you. That way, you’re already dealing with a warm lead instead of starting at the beginning.

Speed networking won’t be for everyone, but I definitely think you should try it for yourself and see if it works for your business. My advice would be to research which event would be best suited to your industry. If it falls within budget, why not invest?

You should always go with a plan and a firm idea of what you have to offer the buyer. Do your research on those buying and always, always LISTEN. The competition is fierce these days, but even if you just stand out to one buyer, that relationship could last a decade!

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