The Royal College of Surgeons – Engagement Party

Engagement Surprise at RCSHappy couple Matt and Michelle had been together since a rainy February evening in 2010. Knowing that nobody had ever thrown a surprise party for Michelle before, this year Matt concocted the perfect plan to celebrate her birthday… as well as giving the marriage proposal he was also secretly planning the perfect backdrop, Royal College of Surgeons.

To make Michelle’s birthday (and his proposal) really special, Matt wanted to throw the secret celebration for her in a spectacular venue that held real meaning for her. Michelle has worked at the College for 15 years, and is incredibly proud of both her job and the beautiful building in which she is lucky enough to work, so Royal College of Surgeons more than fulfilled his criteria. Having attended the previous two College staff balls, Matt had also got a taste of how this impressive and historical building lends itself perfectly to all kinds of celebration.

In the weeks running up to the party, Matt did a superb job of keeping Michelle thrown off the scent. She knew to expect a birthday surprise, but that was it. With valium no prescription cheap carefully placed hints that the surprise would be “a slightly freaky one” involving an element of danger.

Michelle was delighted to instead find herself surrounded by close friends in the Library of the Royal College of Surgeons that she knows and loves so well. Of course, the surprise did not end there and a few hours into the celebration, Matt turned Michelle’s birthday party into an amazing engagement party!

Not content with becoming engaged at the Royal College of Surgeons, the couple are now considering hiring it as their wedding venue. Michelle says:  “I’ve a strong attachment to the Royal College of Surgeons, having worked here for the last 15 years. I have pretty much grown up within these walls and feel this is my second home. The building is so impressive, and I have always dreamed of hiring the College should anyone be daft enough to marry me.”

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