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Becky Lown from Jascots Wine Merchants knows everything there is to know about picking the perfect sparkling wine for your wedding. So we were thrilled to ask for her advice on the wines available, and how they can be part of the atmosphere at your wedding.

When choosing a sparkling wine for your wedding, it can feel instinctive to opt for champagne, because it is the ‘done thing’. But recently we have seen a great increase in people wanting different styles of bubbles that fit the theme of their wedding and with the personalities of the couple too.

British Invasion – English Sparkling Wine

Increasingly popular is what we call “the British invasion” theme. Thanks in part to the unwavering appeal of shows like Downton Abbey and fond memories of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it’s never been so chic to be a Brit. That goes for wine too! English wines have enjoyed a soaring success in the last 10 years, with production levels doubling. As the quantity has risen, so too has the quality. In exquisite English venues like Haberdashers’ or Clothworkers’ Hall, an English sparkling wine, such as West Sussex’s Nyetimber Brut Reserve 2009 fits perfectly.

Proper Provenance

English sparkling wines are made from similar grape varieties to champagne, using the same method, but they remain quintessentially English. This nicely ties in with another trend that we have seen become more popular, that of provenance. People are choosing to serve products grown near their home, be that food, beer and ale, spirits, or wine. We list wines from all over England, so we can easily cater for local produce fans.

People also love venues that have a sense of homegrown history, like Queen Anne’s Orangery at Kensington Palace or Stationers’ Hall, with its beautiful Shakespeare glass. Couples connect with spaces with a strong sense of cultural history, sometimes on an emotional level but also because it gives such a great talking point for their guests. They also offer an amazing backdrop for photographs!

Modern-Luxe – Prosecco

Another rising wedding theme for 2015 is ‘Modern-Luxe’ – a spin on classic luxury to update it for 2015. One way we have seen this expressed is in wedding clients opting for prosecco over champagne. Prosecco is made in an entirely different way to champagne and has fresher flavours, lighter valium no prescription us pharmacy bubbles and lower alcohol, making it easier to drink and a perfect choice for a drinks reception. Prosecco is also the perfect option to use in sparkling cocktails thanks to the lighter, more refreshing flavours.

People don’t want ‘just any prosecco’ for their wedding reception; it has to be special. We have expanded our range of bubbles to include a vintage prosecco as well as magnums of prosecco spumante. Vintage prosecco is aged three times longer than its junior spumante counterpart, giving greater depth and richness. It is the perfect match for a Modern-Luxe themed wedding and can really give that ‘WOW factor’. We have seen these styles of wines being increasingly popular in venues like East Wintergarden and the Science Museum – spaces with contemporary elegance, oozing sophistication and modernity.

Timeless Tradition – Champagne

For a more traditional wedding, particularly celebrated in some of the more classic style venues, it still has to be champagne. How better to celebrate than with the most decadent sparkling wine of all? Champagne towers have returned, in a big way, for opulent formal affairs.

We offer all levels of champagne, so we are able to cater to all budgets and tastes, from our delicious house champagne, to Champagne Gaston Dericbourg, right up to the top with the likes of Dom Perignon and Krug. Champagne is the ideal choice in more traditional and opulent venues, as it matches the prestige of the setting. It is the bubbles of choice more frequently in venues like the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College and Hampton Court Palace.

With so many different styles, themes and budgets for weddings and so many different types of sparkling wine, there is an option for everyone out there!

So there you have it! I hope you’ll agree that choosing the right wine for your toasts and reception can really put the sparkle into your wedding! The courtyard at Haberdashers’ Hall would make it an ideal location for a English Summer Party Wedding. I’d love to know which wines you’re thinking of picking for your own wedding, why not let us know on Facebook or Twitter? If you want to know more about Haberdashers’ Hall, or any of our fantastic London Wedding venues, please do get in touch!

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